7 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Was Starting as a Designer at High School

by Adam Kozel

As a young designer currently studying at High school I went through many different struggles, and I just want to help other design students struggling with the same problems as me: I hope this will help you.

You don't have time

You just don’t have much time, deal with it. That means lack of sleep and cups of coffee every morning, but trust me, you will find some great magic trick “I am very close to discover this trick” to manage your time better because every minute of sleep matters.

You will fail many times

But it doesn’t mean you are a bad designer; you are just on your way to learning everything you want, so don’t take criticism as a negative thing, but use it as the advantage to improve your work. Failing is not a bad thing, it is just part of becoming better.

You will overwork yourself a lot

As an excited young designer, I know that excitement can drive you to overwork. I remember my friends telling me that I should work less because I will burn out and I thought that it was just a lie or a joke, but then I burned out myself. So take some free time, go explore new places and reward yourself with small things like nice coffee or something you just like.

Have no regards for money, take your knowledge into consideration

In this part of life, knowledge is highly more important than money. You don't have to pay any bills and things like that so just design and work on your better self; everything else is provided. You will never have so much carefree part of your life again.

Experiment more with design

Just take some time to experiment, explore new things through playing with tools you use, it will help you learn to work more effectively with them, and it will take efficiency and creativity of your work on a wholly new level.

Get to know other designers

Getting to know other designers is really important. You have to build a network of people who are better than you and who are willing to help you; the best option is to find a mentor. Do you want to get a top-tier Designer job and you don’t know how to start or get it? Just find somebody who has already done it and who is willing to lift you up; no one knows better than a more senior successful professional how to get there. This may be a crucial point in your career because it will enormously boost your professional growth. Go, visit designer meetups or events or write messages to a few people!

Manage your tasks

Managing your tasks at the start of the day can really help you because if you are busy like me you more likely forgot things and this is what you can’t afford. The first thing when you enter a class is to sit down, open your moleskin or whatever you use to take notes and write things down. Adding a date or time will be better for you. At the end of the day, look at your list of tasks again and move incomplete tasks to the next day. The next day in the morning add new tasks if you have some.

In the end, I would like to tell you don't push on things so hard and think big. You rock all!

About me

I am a young designer currently working remotely and pursuing my dreams while studying design. I always try to find inspiring ways to improve efficiency and quality of my work.


thank you all for reading and see you on next article!