Combine Text and Data with Datalegreya

When it comes to responsive design, the smaller the screen, the more crucial it gets when planning the design and layout. Important content and functional design need to fit the small screens strategically and effectively. This free font takes typography and data visualization to the next level with data curves interweaving through text.

Datalegreya is an OpenType font available for free download. It is specially designed for small screens such as wearables (like the Apple Watch, for example). Using this font, graphical data can be contextually displayed within a small and limited space effectively.

Designed by Figs, Datalegreya is built on the basis of the open source font Alegreya Sans SC Thin designed by Juan Pablo Del Peral. Datalegreya is a masterpiece that can be used in all contexts where graphical data need to be synthetically displayed in compact spaces.

The font features super cool data visualization effects even without external or additional software. Just install the font into the operating system and launch the programs that display OpenType fonts like: Adobe Suite, Apple TextEdit, and MS Word, among others.

Datalegreya is ideal for use for:

  • Embedded displays
  • Weather report
  • Stock prices
  • Annual reports
  • Connected objects

Datalegreya has three font families you can choose from: Thin, Gradient, and Dot. You can also add more context to the text by adding more data, including minimal and maximal value, and axis legends.

Check out the samples below using the MicroCreatives text.


Go to the Figs Datalegreya converter to test your own text and data. You can also download this guide for more information.

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