Designing a Logo in 6 Hours

A friend asked me to design a logo for a nonprofit focusing on raising funds in the US for various South Africa organizations who work to preserve endangered species, especially Rhinos (the original name has been altered below until it has been trademarked).

I was very busy at the time so only had an hour here and there to devote to the project. All together it was 6 hours and here’s how I broke it down into small sprints.

But first, here’s the final logo:

I looked at other non profit bodies doing similar work (1 hour).

While sketching I narrowed down a concept fast (30 minutes).

I changed a stock icon bit-by-bit for uniqueness (90 minutes).

I looked at primitive and yet contemporary styles of logos (1 hour).

Next I started looking at color families (30 minutes):

Next came a font study to create a more primitive feel (1 hour):

Voila! The final logo in horizontal and vertical formats (30 minutes).