How to Open Sketch File on Windows

Being a designer/developer on Windows is not the end of the world

So… Here’s the question: how to open .sketch file on Windows?


Sketch is a Mac App. But you don’t have a Mac. You only have Windows and this darn Sketch file someone sent to you. And that someone had a Mac. But you don’t have a Mac.

What are you going to do? Buy a Mac? Too expensive. Ask that someone to use Photoshop? No way, that someone is too obsessed with Sketch. You’re in a hopeless jam. Or so you thought…

Sketch for Windows

You need Sketch for Windows. But there is no Sketch for Windows.
Luckily, we are here to save the day and offer a few Sketch alternatives for Windows.

Icons8 Lunacy

Lunacy is a standalone viewer for Sketch files on Windows. It was developedfrom the scratch by hacking the sketch file format.
Price: Free

Hint: lets open Sketch files on Windows.

Online Editors

There are quite a few of these:


Avocode is all about HTML coders. Someone will have to upload sketch file to the cloud using their plugin for Sketch. The initial setup took us 40 minutes and caused Sketch to consume 90% of CPU.

Price: From $9/month.


Zeplin is a direct competitor to Avocode. Zeplin has downloadable apps for Mac and Windows, but don’t get fooled. They are not the native apps. They just wrap their website within an app.

Price: Free for one project, $19 for 3 projects/month.


This is a new tool. Unlike Avocode and Zeplin it’s a fully functional online vector editor and a collaboration tool.

Price: Free for two projects, for larger projects starting price is $12 per member.

Hint: someone will have to upload sketch file to the cloud. So, make enough Mac-user friends to have one in every time zone. Don’t live in Manila; you will need a fast internet.

Social Engineering


Hint: target hipsters. They are feeble and weak.


Hint: lower your standards. Target ugly rich people.


Hint: if you sit long enough at Starbucks, someone will definitely ask you to watch over his Mac. Target old people, they pee longer.

A lot of Patience

Hint: ask Bohemian to support Sketch for Windows.

Online dating

Hint: ignore faces in the photos. Look for Macs.


Hint: live in a country that ignores copyright law. North Korea works fine.


Hint: before stealing from your employer, make sure you live in a welfare state. Norway works.


Hint: if you are short of cash for the latest Mac Pro, sell some of your diamonds, bricks of gold or Picasso masterpieces.

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